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The England Boat Fishing Team

We had the England fishing team onboard today as a practice day for their upcoming championships in Portugal.

Bream was the target species which mimics the species they’ll be aiming for at the world champs. All the fishing was to be done at anchor, which was challenging with wind against tide all morning, but we made it work, kinda.

The weather started off fine, but the forecast predicted rough seas from 13:00 - and they were bang on.

The fishing wasn’t prolific, not as it has been at my preferred bream marks recently (team captain Rolf and his banana may have jinxed it 😂).

Lots of species were caught nevertheless, and they even got to see some of the action from the airshow too.

Thanks also to Sea Angler mag for coming down to report on the day. It was great to spend some time with you David 👍🏻.

Species landed: 14

Bass, codling, smooth hounds, thornback, gurnard, plaice, bream, pout, poor cod, whiting, Ballan wrasse, bull huss, dog fish, cuckoo wrasse.

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