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Frequently Asked Questions....

You will find the answers to some of the most common questions below:


There is free parking ALL DAY at the 'Waterfront Carpark' BN23 6JH

Pickup time and location

Pickup time is 07:30 unless the skipper tells you differently.

The meeting point is directly opposite the Waterfront carpark - at the waters edge to the right hand side of the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club. There is a blue storage container and a concrete hardstanding. We will see you there. 

Rods/reels & bait

If you don't have your own equipment to use, please ask the skipper. Loan equipment can be arranged. If you are borrowing equipment then I can possibly organise the bait at your own expense. Again, please ask the skipper.

There are a couple of tackle shops locally where you can call to reserve your bait for you to collect. ANGLERS DEN SUSSEX 5 mins down the road in Pevensey opens at 07:30, and Tony's Tackle 10 mins into town. A lot of my anglers wait for the shop to open in the morning before coming to the boat. Please let me know you are doing this and I will wait for you to arrive. As long as we are all aboard ready to leave the pickup point at 07:45 then we are good to go.

Trip type and duration

The Skipper reserves the right to change the planned trip in relation to weather and fishing conditions. A wrecking/sandbank fishing trip may may be changed to an inshore reef or anchoring trip if there are strong winds, choppy or big swells forecast, or if the target species aren't much in number. This won't qualify as a reason for you to cancel your trip!!

Inshore and offshore fishing trips are approximately 8 hours long - 07:30 to 16:00 (ish).

Half day trips are 4 hours, sightseeing and ashes scattering trips are usually approx 2 hours in total. The start/finish time is to be confirmed trip by trip for all trips other than full day charters. If the trip is ended early due to weather, a small discount may be offered. If you as full boat booking want to end the trip early, full payment will still be due.

Fish to take home

All the fish you catch, provided they are of minimum landing size, and not subject to any quota or are a protected species, can be taken home at your discretion. The skipper will advise on a fish by fish nature. The skipper's decision is final and not subject to debate. It is worth bringing something for you to carry your fish home in, and a means to keep them cool if you have far to travel.

Only take what fish you need. All the fish must be taken home at the end of the trip, so don't have eyes bigger then your belly.

Lifejackets & Safety

I do not supply you with lifejackets while you are on the trip. I DO have lifejackets for everyone onboard, but they are strictly for emergency use only. There is no LEGAL requirement to wear a lifejacket at sea. If you want to wear your own lifejacket while at sea then you are absolutely free to do so. You will still be given one of the boat's lifejackets in the case of an emergency.

Clothing, lunch & travel sickness

You are responsible for your own warmth and comfort. Dress appropriately. Layer your clothing, finishing with a waterproof layer if the forecast predicts rain. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats advised for the hot days. Thermals, wooly jumpers/hats/gloves for the colder months. It an be a fair bit cooler at sea than on the land.

Travel sickness tablets are STRONGLY advised. If you don't go on boats regularly, and even if you think you have a strong stomach.....TAKE A TABLET BEFORE BED AND ONE AGAIN WITH A DRY BREAKFAST. Abstaining from all forms of alcohol the night before the trip is something that shouldn't need saying, but it does.

Bring your own lunch and cold drinks for the duration of the trip.

365 Days a year

I am open everyday for charters, providing the weather allows, EXCEPT CHRISTMAS DAY. I have an availability page on my website which is updated daily. Red shows the boat is fully booked, orange means there are limited spaces available for individuals, green means the boat is completely free and can be booked as a whole boat, or individuals.

I need a minimum of 5 persons to make an inshore trip, and 8 for a wrecking trip, financially worthwhile. 

Cancellations and deposits

If the weather forces a cancellation then you are entitled to a full refund of your deposit, or it can be moved to the next available date of your choice.

Deposits will NOT be refunded if you cancel a trip within 2 weeks of the date of the trip.

If you book the whole boat, but only turn up with half the crew you originally booked for, YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED FOR THE FULL BOAT. 

Payment information is at the bottom of this FAQ page.

Tea & Coffee onboard

Complementary tea and coffee is available on the boat. Hot water is available for your own pot noodles/soup etc. There will also be a microwave for you to use in the near future. ASK THE SKIPPER FOR UPDATES.

Food & Drink at the Marina

Sadly, there isn't anywhere on the Marina open early enough for breakfast or hot drinks before you depart for your trip. There is a McDonalds not a million miles away, and a cafe 5 mins drive away -

There are a number of good restaurants and a couple of bars and cafes for your return to the marina.

Hotels & accomodation

There is a wide selection of accommodation in Eastbourne. There are a number of Airbnb's on the marina

There are dozens of B&B's in town, and there are also Travelodge and Premier Inn chains locally. The Hotel I would recommend is the Premier inn Eastbourne Hotel on the outskirts of the town centre. Parking is better here than the others in the centre of town.

The Weather

If I'm not at sea then i'm not earning a wage!! 

I want to take you out on every trip you book, but I will not go out in conditions forecast that I believe will be uncomfortable for us all. We don't always get it right, some trips are cancelled and when the day comes the conditions look perfectly fine. What we don't want is for you to travel to the boat and the conditions are much worse than thought and we have all wasted our time.


There will be no exceptions made, the feasibility of your trip is solely my decision and my decision is FINAL.

Bank payment details

Deposits are to be paid to the following business bank account. Final balance payments are to be made on the day of your trip via cash, bank transfer or card.

We now accept all major debit and credit cards onboard. Card payments incur a 1.70% charge


Starling Bank

Account name: Deep Blue Charters Limited

Account number: 61250566

Sort Code: 60-83-71 

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