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Family matters.

A tale of two halves.


We had a lovely family onboard today who were over on their holidays visiting a family member.

The morning conditions were fantastic. Flat calm and no wind. The wind picked up after lunch and things got a bit choppy.

Morning, fishing the flood at anchor. Big baits, small baits, with a mixture of squid, mackerel and frozen lug (curse those short tides). It was a struggle. Our baits were getting nibbles, but no firm bites.

Afternoon, fishing the slack and ebb on the drift. It couldn’t have been more different from the first half of the trip. After bumping into Muscle Fishing 6 miles out in his little Tuffy, he said that they’d had some mackerel. So we hung around and sure enough, a couple of strings within seconds of each other.

A nice codling and a bigger pollack quickly followed.

More mackerel, half a dozen more pollack, some gurnard, one of which was a big’un, and a string of scad rounded off our afternoon nicely.

I also snapped one of my PENN Fishing rods 🤦‍♂️

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