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Hotting up nicely!

Saturday 27th April.

Yet another full crew, with a half decent forecast.

We headed straight out to the deeper reefs in search of some clear water. Leaving the harbour, the weather was a bit overcast with a little bit of a sloppy sea. When we arrived to the first mark the sun shone and the water went fairly glassy.

We didn’t have time to gather our thoughts. We were bang into fish on lures from the off. Cod, pollack and wrasse coming over the rails one after another. Rhubarb and custard Sidewinder Lures doing the bulk of the damage.

The anglers were armed with half the peeler crabs from the Medway, so anchoring for smoothies was next. The tide was racing like crazy when we first got to our spot. Bites started to come once the tide started backing off, with half a dozen smoothies in 15 minutes, before the monster hound surfaced (with 3 other anglers rigs dragging behind it). We didn’t weigh it, but we should’ve done. Estimated at roughly 14lb (after much deliberation and thought). She must’ve been full of pups because she was a THICK mamma.

Drifting for bass before we set off for home was slow surprisingly. The weather had turned by this point, with strong wind, cold rain and a very sloppy chop.

All in all, the hunt for the target species all came off. With some beautiful fish to show for the anglers efforts.

What a belter day!


PENN Fishing


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