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Weaver’ing through weekend

Stunning flat seas, hot sun and little to no wind made for perfect conditions on the English Channel today (we still had one Seasick Steve).

After leaving the extremely busy locks we headed straight for a patch of rocks that had been producing fish for Deep Blue regularly. A couple of drifts in, and after only a few codling and a couple of dozen mackerel, a trip to some wrecks was decided upon.

Now, the wrecks haven’t really been producing as of late, so I was reluctant to gamble on them holding fish this time, but at the request of my anglers I gave it a shot.

After hitting a few of the more familiar (overfished) wrecks I went to a couple that I have had great success on before, and an unmarked wreck all of which I don’t think too many others use.

A couple of hours later and several wrecks investigated, we had a cool box full of good sized pollack to 12lb, codling and mackerel.

Red Gurnards, a tiny lesser weaver fish and a bit of a play with a cuttle fish along side the boat filled the time during slack water before heading to a black bream spot I’ve been using.

The time was getting on and the tide took forever to pick up, but I told my anglers that I would get them all some bream so that is exactly what we did. After anchoring for the last hour of the trip we had lots of fable sizes bream, and a really nice specimin of 40cm’s.

Great company again, with some returning customers and some new.

Target fish achieved. Happy anglers, happy skipper.

Next trip out is Tuesday. Taking a couple of days off now to visit old friends in Oxfordshire with my wife and boys.

There are still a couple of individual days and a couple whole boat days available in July. Lots of space for August.

See you when I’m back 👍🏻

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