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We found a Unicorn 🦄🎣

Well, what a day we’ve just had out on Deep Blue. Only the 4 customers onboard today, with mixed approaches and experiences with a rod in hand.

The bites happened as soon as the silt from dropping the anchor had settled. A nice little plaice followed by a lovely double figured Thornback ray flew onto the deck.

The ray took us by surprise because we had literally just put the rods into their holders on the first drop of the day. Not long after another double ray, followed by another.

We had definitely found the ray‘s stomping ground. Across the deck a double shot whiting was being hauled, and a complimentary dog fish, and then more whiting. Then BANG! Another big bend in the rod, and up came another double figured ray.

This time tipping the scales at 14lb 8oz. Aggelos, a young Greek lad from West London had the privilege this time. Everyone was bringing really decent fish over the gunwales. Bites were thick and fast on the ebb, and well into slack water too.

The bites started to ease off at the turn of the tide. We stayed put and fished the first hour of the flood. The big fish had stopped feeding but we were graced with a few new species for the day. A nice Gurnard, a dab and a Smooth-hound pup were the next to feel peckish.

We lifted the anchor and headed to the rock marks. The water had become noticeably choppier with the strengthening wind. We set up for our first drift. Using a single 4/0 running ledger rig, and a Jaffa cake sized piece of squid, Bruce bounced his lead at the beginning of the rocks. FISH ON! “It’s a pollack” were the words muttered by Bruce’s mates. I readied the net, and up it came. A flipping Codling!! Only about 3.5lbs, but there it was, in all it’s glory, a highly coveted East Sussex cod.

As we set about starting another drift the boat was moving around a bit on the chop. One of the group had been caught off guard, and put his hand out to steady himself. Sadly for him, he managed to find the razor sharp blade of a bait knife. I cleaned him up and bandaged his hand. He was adamant he wanted to fish on, but with the water still bashing us about, and everyone having such a good day, they all elected to call it a day a bit earlier so Bill could get his hand checked out. The right call!

All in all, a great day was had, with some fantastic and unexpected fishing, with a great group of lads, and I’m sure they’ll be back for another go in the near future.


Lug, squid, whiting and mackerel were the baits of the day. 2/0 to 4/0 manta extra style hooks were the ones doing the business.

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