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Not a waste of a day!!!

Some of my regulars jumped onboard this morning to save the day after my cancellation.

We had a later start than usual to allow the gents to collect some bait and lures from some of the local tackle shops. I always recommend Sidewinder lures to my customers if they ask for advice. Red Gills are another goto choice, but Sidewinders Skerries 25g are the first choice for me. I collected some fresh dug lug worm from Michael at Fresh and Frozen, we also got some fresh baits from Anglers Den and Tony‘s Tackle.

*Side note* I’ve been speaking to Kiddie Wholesale (who own Sidewinder amongst other well known sea tackle brands) for a few weeks and have agreed a sponsorship deal with them. More to come from that soon.

After a short scenic steam along the coastline we arrived at the famous fishing mark at the start of slack water. Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of bite action at first. Missing the last of the flood tide wasn’t really what I wanted, and that was compounded when I heard some of my fellow skippers talk of their bumper catches while Deep Blue was still in the marina. FRUSTRATING!

I wanted to put that right!!!

Once the Ebb got going things changed drastically, and for the better. We reached our 2 bass per person allowance in less than an hour, while also being selective and returning a fair few.

A codling also doing its best to find a way onto a lure.

I decided to call time on the bass fishing, always a difficult choice to leave good fishing behind, but we had more than our fair share of hookups so left and headed for an anchor spot. This didn’t prove too fruitful, with the ebbing tide ripping a great deal faster than I was calculating. We could barely hold the bottom with 16oz weights - so we headed to another famous Eastbourne mark to drift with bait or lures.

Several drifts threw up a few chunky wrasse.

All in all a pretty good short notice trip on what could’ve been an annoying day wasted in the marina given the great weather and conditions.

Thanks to Denis, Brian, Kevin and Luke for joining me onboard.

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