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I Have A Bream!

Today was a Bream kind of day.

The pair that originally booked today wanted an easy days fishing due to one of them not being in the best of health. They were joined by another 5 novice boat anglers who all accompanied me on Deep Blue to the inshore rock marks.

Upon leaving the marina we immediately found shoals of mackerel bubbling on the surface of the water. After an hour or so, and armed with enough mackerel for bait and for home, we headed off to the shoals.

Size 2 Cox & Rawle Aberdeen match hooks, 15lb flouro and fresh mackerel soon had these stunning little fish biting like mad.

Flappers for the conger, Sidewinder Lures Skerries Eel solid white/blue & oranges used for the rest.

Conger, codling, bass, poor cod, and big scad were also on the catch list today.

Deep Blue’s brand new top end equipment in the form of Penn Fathom 2 reels and Penn Prevail 2 rods landed all the species perfectly.

Those Fathom reels are stunning. Smooth, powerful, quiet and with nice mechanical clicks when adjusting reel tension and drag.

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