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A hard day at the office.

Friday 20th May 2022.

A hard days fishing.

Today was hard.

The conditions were hard.

Have I said that today was hard? I suppose you can’t always have plenty of good sized target species on the end of your hook. Some days things just won’t go your way, and that’s a reality, and that day was today.

After a calm but very wet start, the water got increasingly choppy and the wind picked up quick.

Drifting the wrecks was difficult. Fish were there, just not biting. We dropped a couple of good fish alongside the gunwales. A gurnard, a pollack and a several pouting and whiting were boat guests before lunch.

We moved inshore to get out of the wind a bit after lunch and we had dog fish, smooth hound pups, a small thornback ray (or a hat). What we thing was a decent conger eel was lost before we had chance to see it.

A highlight was the monster ‘King ragworm’ that Bernard bought from Medway Tackle. These things were enormous. They were probably eating the fish, not the other way round.

The conditions deteriorated again late afternoon with the ebb tide. Holding anchor was tricky, wind against tide had us swinging all over the place.

You can’t win them all, but you will never find that out from your sofa. Get fishing!!!

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