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The name’s Dory, John Dory!

After a slow start due to my customers train times from London, and an impromptu visit from PT Marine to check my updated plotter software, we finally got out to the marks intended.

We were into codling straight away, but the small small stamp of codling. Mackerel, although apparantly abundant before our arrival, avoided us, and the lovely ladies from London were having difficulty keeping their lures out of the snags (Sidewinder sponsorship incoming 😉👍🏻).

The conditions were amazing and everyone, regardless of the lack of bites, were in high spirits.

We then managed to tempt this lovely little John Dory onboard. It was not only my first time seeing one in Eastbourne, it was my first John Dory ever. He was tiny, but I don’t mind one bit. What a lovely little fish.

Gurnard, straps, and a good few bream closed out what was a bit of a slow frustrating day, but we worked hard and covered the ground trying to get fish for everyone.

All bar one of my seven customers were using my new PENN Fishing Fathom 2’s and Prevail 2’s, coupled with a selection of size’s and colour’s of Sidewinder Lures sandeels and skerries eels.

We go again tomorrow before a well deserved break up in Oxford to see our old friends.

There are only a couple of days in my diary for July remaining.

Have a look at my availability calendar here and get onboard 😎🎣

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